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The very best artificial reef rock for your aquarium

Enjoy the best combination of artificial live rock shapes, for a natural yet striking aquarium reef.

dutch reef rock stone

Dutch Reef Rock is the most revolutionary artificial rock on the market. Manufactured from natural reef-friendly materials, it contains a network of micro and macro pores that unite in the internal structure of the rock, creating the perfect environment for natural nitrifying bacteria.

This makes Dutch Reef Rock the ideal choice to not only build or refresh the health of your aquarium – but make it beautiful too.  

Dutch Reef Rock is very porous, with holes and crevices like those in real reefs – allowing you to build your aquarium environment as naturally as possible. The rocks are available in different sizes and shapes, such as plates and branches.

The variation in forms, combined with the varied grey, pink and purple colors, makes this reef rock a near perfect replica of real live rock, but without taking from our precious ocean’s resources.

Why Dutch Reef Rock is the best:

  • Doesn’t take away from natural resources, saving the coral reefs
  • Great natural shapes for scaping your aquarium
  • Will become fully biologically active
  • Free of any parasites
  • Eco-friendly product
  • 100% safe for all your corals, fish and invertebrates
  • Light-weight product
  • Handmade
dutch reef rock Yves and Joe
dutch reef rock display

Made from 100% natural marine friendly ingredients, Dutch reef rock leaves zero environmental impact within the ocean’s coral reefs and marine habitats. Dutch Reef Rock is free from parasitic algae and harbours no nuisance organisms, offering aquarium hobbyists a clean, biologically active rock without the issues associated with wild live rock.

Dutch Reef Rock mimics the look and feel of coralline encrusted coral skeleton rock, found in wild coral and living reef rock – pieces are light, porous and full of holes. Grown in your aquarium or on our farm to become a bio-active rock, the abstract shapes provide a beautiful and eye-catching focal point for marine reefs and fish-only aquariums.

This reef rock offers an alternative to the shelf or slab rock that used to be imported from Indonesia or Tonga. Unlike such options, Dutch Reef Rock creates the perfect shelf stacker for frags, clams and other marine aquarium inhabitants that need a flat surface to stabilize on. Dutch Reef Rock also functions fabulously as a natural filter or growing surface.