Our DRY artificial reef rock

Our artificial reef rock 


The models of Dutch Reef Rock are the truest form of decoration that enables an authentic look and offers fish a habitat similar to their native one. For reef tank owners who prefer a natural look, this stunning rock structure is a must have – and it’s simply more beautiful than alternatives!


The incredible detailing and the beautiful vibrant colors combine to give it an authentic, realistic look that stands out. The rocks are versatile enough to complement any reef tank decor. Rough and uneven surfaces allow space for essential bacteria to grow.

Never have to tear down

Dutch Reef Rock is a quality, eco-friendly reef product that makes keeping a marine aquarium easy! You never have to second guess this product. From inception, quality ingredients and quality control are our number one focus. Dutch Reef Rock aquarists never have to tear down their aquariums some months later due to an infestation of unwanted pests, nuisance inverts or algae brought about by other rocks.

Dutch Reef Fancy Bones Rock

It’s so amazing what you can create with our shapes. Even a very nice reef with only our branches !
Cool, isn’t it ? 

Dutch Reef Rock showbak bones